Finding The Right Telemarketing Company For Your Business

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8th February 2020
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17th February 2020

Telemarketing is a specialised and impactful way to reach the consumers looking for the products or services your business offers.

Successful telemarketing campaigns require a dedicated team and a strategic approach, which is why outsourcing telesales to an experienced telemarketing company is the key to making your investment in telemarketing pay off.

Yet, not all telemarketing companies are created equally. There’s a huge range of telemarketing providers out there, varying in scope, skillset and their ability to get results – how do you ensure you work with one that’s reputable and up to the job?

The following tips should help you narrow down the options and find the right telemarketing company for your business.

Know what you want your telemarketing to achieve

The first step towards finding your ideal telemarketing partner is to clarify what your business needs to get out of the campaign. Maybe you want to raise the profile of a new product line or introduce your services to new prospects in need of what you offer? Or perhaps your sales team need a supply of good-quality leads in order to do what they do best?

Even if you’re unsure on the type of telemarketing service you need, identifying a set of marketing objectives will enable telemarketing experts, like the ones in our friendly team, to recommend the most suitable companies.

Keep in mind who you want your telemarketing campaigns to target

Whether you are looking to reach out to businesses or consumers will have a significant effect on finding a telemarketing company to suit your needs. As is the case for any kind of marketing campaign, telemarketing to businesses requires a completely different approach to telemarketing to consumers, so it’s important to choose a telesales partner who is set up to deliver either B2B or B2C telemarketing campaigns, or both, with care and professionalism.

Check out telemarketing company credentials

Proven results in your business’s sector should be an essential requirement when comparing telemarketing companies. Many providers specialise in telemarketing to particular industries, while others may have sector-specific knowledge that can give your campaigns an edge.

Established telemarketing providers with the right skills and experience will be only too happy to share examples of their work with potential clients, so don’t be afraid to ask for results of past telemarketing campaigns, details of partners similar to your business, client testimonials and/or membership to any relevant professional bodies.

At Telemarketing Companies, we vet all the telemarketing providers we provide quotes for, ensuring each one is UK-based, and fully compliant with GDPR and other legalities and industry codes of practice.

So, finding a telemarketing partner through us gives you the assurance that your chosen company is sound and trustworthy, whatever their specialism.

Find out how your telemarketing campaign will be quantified

A good telemarketing company will ensure that you are kept in the loop on your campaign’s progress throughout, with easy-to-interpret reports and response rate metrics that align with your wider marketing objectives.

Make sure you know how your chosen telemarketing provider will communicate
this to you, how often and in what format.

Take the challenge out of finding your next telemarketing company

There’s plenty to consider when weighing up different telemarketing companies, but there’s no need for your business to go through the process single-handedly.

Comparing telemarketing provider quotes

using our quick and simple online form helps to simplify your options and pick a reputable, experienced company without the legwork.

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