How To Implement Telemarketing Into Your Marketing Strategy

Finding The Right Telemarketing Company For Your Business
17th February 2020

These days, it can seem like everything we do is online, including most business marketing. Digital marketing channels offer a wealth of commercial opportunity for virtually every type of business, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no longer a place for more traditional forms of consumer outreach.

In fact, the act of simply having a conversation with a prospective customer can be a powerful thing in a world that’s increasingly digital. Telemarketing enables businesses to connect with existing customers and new leads in a cost-effective and very human way and, used hand-in-hand with online marketing channels, can serve as an integral part of a wider sales and marketing plan.

Here’s how your business can begin to implement telemarketing into its marketing strategy.

Gather actionable consumer insight to inform your marketing
Without a solid understanding of your target market, any attempt to promote your business to them is likely to be a shot in the dark. You need good quality, up-to-date information about the wants, needs and pain points of the people you’re looking to convert – this way you can devise marketing campaigns you can be confident will get their attention and hold it.

With its personal and direct approach, telemarketing is well-suited to the task of consumer data generation and data cleansing. Market research telemarketing campaigns can provide invaluable insight into what influences the buying habits of your prospects, exactly the sort of data you need when developing a new product or service. Just as importantly, telemarketing can also be used to refresh and qualify existing customer databases, ensuring your marketing campaigns are led by reliable data and minimising wasted resources.

Add impact to social selling

Today’s consumers look to communicate with brands through whichever channel suits them best at any given time, and often this is social media. ‘Social selling’ is an online lead generation and sales technique that aims to leverage these social media interactions to raise a business’s profile, and it can be made all the more effective when combined with a telemarketing campaign.

Where social selling helps to introduce your business to your prospects and establish trust, following up with a friendly, knowledgeable and professional call can effectively steer prospective customers along the sales funnel towards conversion.

Give your sales team an edge

For many businesses, the sales process requires a mix of nurturing relationships and demonstrating value, connecting with prospects via several marketing channels over time. Your sales people excel in building the assurance new customers need to buy into your business, but what about identifying those leads in the first place?

This is where telemarketing can give your sales team the freedom to do what they do best – by supplying a pipeline of high-quality sales leads. Telemarketing campaigns dedicated to lead generation and appointment setting lay the groundwork for your sales people to capitalise on; identifying the right people to speak to, gauging interest and teasing out potential barriers to conversion that can help them seal the deal.

Find a telemarketing company that can reenergise your marketing strategy

Integrating telemarketing into your business’s marketing efforts can work wonders in terms of getting to know your customers and making contact with them, but it has to be done well. Let us help you find an experienced and reputable telemarketing partner from our database of vetted telemarketing companies today.

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