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8th February 2020
Day rate vs Cost per lead
8th February 2020

Establishing your own venture is an exciting challenge, and getting your startup business noticed by those who are seeking your products or services is one of the most important aspects.

For those who dream of being their own boss, there’s never been so many ways to spread the word about a new business, but that can make picking the most cost-effective marketing techniques all-the-more tricky. When you’re just starting out and your budget is tight, you need marketing that’s going to get you maximum return on your investment.

As a startup, here’s how lead generation telemarketing helps you find and make contact with exactly the type of consumer your business is designed for.

How does lead generation represent good ROI for startups when funds are limited?
Building a business from the ground up often means creating a customer base from scratch. Even the best products or services won’t make a business a profit without a pool of consumers to target, which is why lead generation is such an effective telemarketing approach for fledgling companies.

Designed to get you a database of consumers or clients who are interested in what your business provides, lead generation telemarketing gives you what you need to focus your efforts on converting them into repeat customers. What’s more, lead generation is scalable; you can increase your telemarketing budget to keep your sales funnel filled as conversions begin to take off.

How does lead generation draw attention to a new product or service?
Whatever it is your business does, there will be consumers or clients looking for your products or services. After all, it’s why you set up your startup, right?

Other forms of marketing can build visibility and market awareness for your brand, but the aim of lead generation is also to find consumers who are already further along the conversion funnel, and to give your sales team the tools to turn them into paying customers. So, your business not only benefits from a dedicated telemarketing campaign that raises your company profile across your target market, you also get a direct link to the quality leads most likely to buy from you.

Why is it important to get lead generation telemarketing started early?
Since it can help you start to develop a conversion-ready customer base, lead generation should be one of the first marketing techniques your startup business takes advantage of. With the initial groundwork with top prospects laid, you can work to nurture those leads towards conversion and crucially, build positive ongoing relationships that will continue to generate business moving forward.

You can also devise other types of outreach based on the results of lead generation telemarketing, tailored to appeal to your prospects and that take into account their concerns and pain points. Marketing across email, social media and direct mail can all be enhanced by feedback gathered through a lead generation campaign.

How can we help a startup find the exact right telemarketing company for them?
In the early days of your startup business, there’s no need to spend your time searching for the most promising leads in your marketplace. An experienced telemarketing company can dedicate the time and energy to identifying your top prospects for you, so that you can concentrate on creating a valuable customer or client base through the leads they generate.

At Telemarketing Companies, we specialise in connecting all kinds of businesses, including startups, with expert telemarketing providers capable of understanding their products and services, establishing a rapport with those looking for them, and pinpointing any barriers to conversion their sales teams might experience. Lead generation can give startups the best possible introduction to their marketplace, so fill in our online form to start comparing telemarketing quotes today.

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