The Challenges Of In-house Telemarketing

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8th February 2020

Marketing methods are many and varied, and there are plenty that your business’s marketing department can master with a little trial and error. However, telemarketing isn’t one of them.

A successful telemarketing campaign is a full-time job in itself, relying on a practiced approach and a skilled team of professionals trained in the type of telemarketing required, such as lead generation, product or service promotion, appointment setting or database enhancement.

Attempting in-house telemarketing may appear cost-effective at first glance, but there are several pitfalls to trying to run your own campaign, as we explore here.

A lack of resources
Most digital marketing techniques require little more than a computer and an internet connection, but telemarketing is a more resource-heavy exercise. Effective telemarketing needs a dedicated team, and your business will need space and time for them to work, as well as telephony equipment and headsets.

There are specific telemarketing skills to be learned too. In these days of digital marketing, building a rapport and achieving campaign objectives over the phone is a particular dexterity, and one that takes time and experience to refine.

Indistinct campaign aims
Like any type of marketing outreach, a telemarketing campaign must be led a set of goals and a business investing in one must be clear about what they are looking to gain from it. Each call should work towards gaining specific insights that feed into wider marketing objectives.

A lack of telemarketing experience can make it difficult to keep campaign aims in mind, make calls hit-or-miss and ultimately fail to deliver the marketing intelligence you need.

An inexperienced approach
Working with a telemarketing script is the best way to convey a marketing message or gain consumer feedback, but without specialist telemarketers who can sense when how best to interpret it from call to call, your efforts may be inconsistent at best and amateurish at worst.

Telemarketing requires an ability to read between the lines, think fast, make a contact feel valued and respond to them with purpose and nuance, and it can take considerable time for your marketing team to build up these skills. Inexperience can even alienate consumers and dent your brand reputation.

A failure to differentiate
If your marketing team are new to telemarketing, it’s likely they’ll have to develop the conversational agility necessary to make your brand stand out from the crowd. They may only have moments to make a positive impression on a prospective lead, so they need to be confident in the unique selling points of your brand, product or service.

Professional telemarketers take the time to understand a company and its aims before beginning a telemarketing campaign, so that they can maximise time on each call communicating your business’s key differentiators.

The benefits of telemarketing can be seen far quicker if your campaign is carried out by dedicated professionals. Investing in the services of an established telemarketing company enables your marketing team to concentrate on what they do best, while giving you the results you need. We can help you find great-value professional telemarketing services quickly and easily, so start comparing telemarketing quotes today.

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